“2014 in a Nutshell” or “Growing & Letting”

Overall, 2014 has been a year of growth and change. Our little family is starting to grow more and more. Elliott is changing; I can see his personality spark into flame as he transitioned from rolling around on the ground to running and laughing and joking with me.

Seth’s business (Hoptocopter™ Films) has exploded, increasing from two employees to four (including Seth) this year. We’ve also grown in terms of infrastructure, looking and operating more like a professional video production company rather than a mom-&-pop, local video business.

And me? I’m just trying to hang on and let things happen the way they’re going to. Not try to force things. Let them play out.

Here’s what 2014 looked like, month-by-month, in a nutshell:


  • Per tradition, we spent New Year’s (per tradition) at Allison’s house playing games in our jammies. Per tradition, I puked for the third year in a row (for non-alcohol-related reasons, I might add–thanks, sugar).


  • The Tonettes delivered a boat-load of Singing Valentines. I was in charge of taking orders and scheduling. It’s kind of a stressful job.
  • The entire family got sick with the flu. During this time, as I died on the couch, we fenced tiny Baby in as our house wasn’t baby-proofed.
  • We watched the Superbowl in the garage (Down the Tongue). The Broncos were dismal failures. It was BAD.


  • Seth and I played at the Cavalcade, an art collective in Fruita.
  • My brother got married.
  • My Christmas present from Allison came: a lemon tree!
  • I started working on Honestly, Dear Listener.
  • I started therapy. Again.


  • We watched the blood moon.
  • I released my first episode of Honestly, Dear Listener.
  • I got glasses.
  • I got really obsessed with cake decorating tutorials in preparation to make Elliott’s 1st birthday cake.
  • We took a whole family trip to Denver for Seth’s work. It’s hard traveling with a baby, but we made it work.


  • We threw Allison an engagement party.
  • We threw Allison a bridal shower.
  • Ell Baby turned a year old. He ate a lot of cake and then threw it all up.


  • Our friends, Allison and Josh, got married in perfect weather surrounded by homemade trimmings and farm animals.
  • Seth’s sister, Hannah, got married to the most perfect-for-her man we could have picked. In fact, we did pick him for her. Ha!
    Seth’s brother & sister-in-law, Tony & Patty, came down to celebrate with us. They got to meet Elliott for the first time.
  • Seth, Elliott, & I played at the party a lot: swinging, sliding, flying a kite.
  • I turned 30 but didn’t celebrate till July because of too much going on.


  • We took an all-family trip for Seth’s work to Denver/CO Springs, got caught in the craziest hail storm EVER, went to the Denver Aquarium for the first time, and saw mermaids (I died).
  • Ell went on his very first rafting trip. Considering that it was five hours long, he did pretty well.
  • I mastered the art of having flowers in the front flower bed. Something kept eating all the flowers of my petunias (bunnies), so I sprinkled the flowers with garlic powder. Pow! No more problems.
  •  I celebrated my 30th birthday with friends at Highline State Park. I got everything I wanted for my birthday–all my friends together plus a police chase.


  • I watercolored a goliath beetle which is currently hanging framed in my living room.
  • I helped Allison paint her bedroom at her new Main Street house from tacky lilac to modern grey.
  • Seth and I helped Allison move from her Chipeta house to the Main Street house. The end of an era…
  • My mom’s friend, Cyndi, came to visit. She and I basically hung out the whole time while my mom worked.
  • I posted my 10th and final (for now) episode of Honestly, Dear Listener.
  • I got knocked up which I confirmed by taking a million dollar store pregnancy tests.
  • Elliott started brushing his teeth.
  • My grandmother, Grammy, died at 91 years old. I miss her.


  • I started getting morning sick. Hence started my two and a half months of HELL wherein I basically stayed in bed and threw up and other people took care of my child.
  • Started taking anti-nausea medication.
  • Started listening to Christmas music because I knew that, by Christmas, I would feel better. #hope


  • I started showing a little.
  • Fall happened outside my window. I missed Halloween.
  • Seth and I voted via mail-in ballot. (Yes, I did so little in these couple months that voting was an event.)
  • Loaded up on anti-nausea meds, I drove my little person to Hittle Bottom, Utah to attend my friend Janet’s wedding.
  • We announced our second pregnancy on social media.
  • I started feeling slightly better.
  • I started going to church (for a few weeks). THAT’S how starved I was for human interaction.
  • I allowed myself to, for the first time in two years, bite my nails.


  • I started feeling markedly better.
  • I started to resurrect my murdered social life.
  • I attended my first Broncos party of the season.
  • We officially paid off our 1998 Honda CRV.
  • I started wearing maternity clothes. I’m definitely showing more earlier this pregnancy.
  • I started putting my house back together after neglecting it for several months.
  • I submitted my famous chili for a church’s chili cookoff. It didn’t win. : (
  • Elliott became obsessed with trucks and tractors.
  • Seth’s brother and family came in to town for Thanksgiving. We did early family Christmas with them. They did the majority of the cooking–Cajun style. We ate turducken for the first time (a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey).
  • I took the Meyer’s Briggs personality test again, and my results said that I am an “INFJ” instead of an “ENJF.”
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving a few days after the fact with my family.


  • It was FINALLY time for Christmas decor and Christmas music (even though I’d been listening to it since September).
  • I made my very first cheesecake for Seth’s birthday at work.
  • I planned and executed a successful Hoptocopter™ Films 2014 Christmas party at our house complete with personal, in home chef, antique silverware, and personalized decorations and gifts.
  • I caroled with friends at the Spirit of Christmas walk downtown.
  • I made my own wreaths for our house using the blue spruce and juniper trees outside.
  • We took family pics with Will & Ina–sort of a trade situation–we’ll take yours if you’ll take ours.
  • We found our we’re having another little boy!
  • I ordered almost all our Christmas presents online. Take that, stressful Christmas shopping!
  • Seth and I attended THE Christmas party at Josh & Allison’s house. Amy couldn’t do it this year, so they stepped up and hosted it.
  • I made three successful batches of pecan brittle out of the attempted nine.  #$downdrain I also burned the hell out of my house in one of the attempts.
  • We celebrated Christmas by splitting up time between my mother-in-law’s house, Allison & Josh’s house, and my parents’ house.
  • Elliott drank ibuprofen, and I called Poison Control. By the way, I love Poison Control. Ell was fine.
  • I met my Goodreads goal of reading 15 books by reading 19 books in 2014!
  • We celebrated New Years Eve at Allison’s house (per tradition). I actually had a good attitude about playing poker this year. I didn’t throw up for the first time in four years (the last three years was due to food poisoning, pregnancy, and an over consumption of sugar).


I don’t want to set New Years Resolutions except to say that I want to be more healthy all around in 2015. I feel like, in general, I haven’t had the time or energy to sit and think about how I want to be intentional with my physical, mental, and emotional health, and I’ll probably have even less time with the second baby coming. I’ve decided that maybe that’s okay in this season–to sort of lean back into the hectic and stop trying to control it. My house isn’t perfect right now. There are grease splatters on my white curtains above my kitchen sink. Dust has gathered in the corners. But maybe that’s okay.

2015, bring it. But bring it in a gentle way. I’m still learning how to be a human.

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