about me

Hello, Dear Reader.

Let’s get one thing straight.  My life isn’t perfect–no matter if I posted a million Pinterest-worthy DIY projects or if all my Instagram pictures were hispter-gorgeous (which they’re not).  I’m flawed and anxious (a lot), and I’ve spent a good deal of my life trying to make others happy when I wasn’t and hiding from who I really am.

And I’m ready to change.
I’m ready to accept myself.  I’m ready to forgive myself.

With that said, let’s get down to introductions.
My name is Carrington Schaeffer.  I am short. I get cold easily. When I get nervous, I don’t know where to put my arms.

I am a writer.
A rather frustrated one at times. I am a recovering perfectionist. 94% of what I write is ordinary, eternally drawer-worthy. But 7% of it is actually very good. That’s why I do this.  Sidenote: I’m also not very good at math.

Getting my kitty fix
Also, I love kitties.

I have been married for three four five six seven eight years.

Seth likes me even when I’m unlikable.  He’s a musician and a filmmaker, and sometimes, I get to go with him as he travels on assignment.  We love to tell stories together.  In 2011, we traveled all around the country and brought back stories that we’d like to share with you. Read them at www.ShortandHat.com.

I also have a podcast about art, vulnerability, and creativity. Check it out at www.HonestlyDearListener.com.


I get to live HERE:

This is us, and we live here.

I’m the mother of two tiny little boys named Elliott and Judah. They get called all sorts of crazy things; by the time they grow up, they might not remember what their real names are. They are the joy of my life.


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I love:

A good episode of Star Trek TNG.

The smell of typewriter tape.

To try to get lost in a town you know like the back of your hand.

Home-brewed beer.

A good murder mystery party.

Mismatched china.

Anything Salinger ever wrote.


My husband (more than anything in the whole wide world).

My sons.

Conversations with honest people.

Second chances.

People who have everything to lose.

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